Production of steel and stainless spirals


The endless spiral is the best and most economical solution should you need to convey large quantities of material in a short time.
Our company's sophisticated production technology, capillary checks and overall control on the finished product, besides over 30 years experience, allow Agrispiral to supply a proven quality product, a punctual service, in compliance with every customers' requirements.
Endless spirals can be either carbon steel or stainless steel. They are cold rolled.
The versatility of our production range allows us to produce spirals 40 to over 1000 mm outer diameter and in a gauge ranging from 3 to 10 mm.
Endless spirals can be applied in various agricultural and industrial activities thanks to its versatility and effectiveness, for instance:
cereal storage in silos, the production of snowplows, drills, mixing wagons, cement augers, feeders in heating installations using pellets and biomass, microproportioners, treatment of sludge and compactors, harvest bars for combined harvesters, oil production installations and wine making appliances, extruders.


• Fe STEEL and other similar metals
• STANDARD LENGTH: 3 m bars (± 2%).
• OUTER DIAMETER: according to the strip width and inner diameter.
• INNER DIAMETER: in view of the shaft, even less than 1/5 of the outer diameter.
• PITCH: same as the outer diameter. For special conveyors, a different pitch, even less than 2/3 of the outer diameter or more than 1.5 times the diameter can be provided.
• GAUGE: approx. twice as the outer gauge on the inner diameter.
• COILING DIRECTION: to the right and to the left to be specified upon order.

The company can also supply every kind of non standard spirals upon the customer's specifications.
Clockwise rotation
Warning: by reversing the spiral, the direction of rotation does not change.


A flexible spiral made from a high resistance strip gives high flexibility and resistance to torsional stress with consequent correct operation on curves.
Standard sizes

• Flexible spirals are mainly used in the automatic distribution installations of zoo-technical breeding centres and in pellet and biomass heating installations.
• Flexible spirals are the best possible solution to carry large quantities of material thanks to its properties in terms of flexibility, resistance to torsional stress and correct operation on a curve, too.
• The materials used to produce flexible spirals are:
- hardened high resistance steel
- stainless steel aisi 302
Flat flexible spirals made of hardened high resistance steel

• For the automatic distribution of feed in breeding centres
• Exceptionally long life
• High flexibility
• Resistance to torsional stress
• Perfect operation even on curves

(non standard sizes can be made to measure )


Printed spiral segments, as long as the pitch and in a constant thikness are used in the production of augers or endless screws, should it be impossible to use endless spirals due to high gauge, size or type of material required.
Commonly used materials are:

• Iron Fe 360 - 420 - 510.
• Stainless steel Aisi 304 - 316 and 400.
• Stainless steel Aisi 310 with high resistance to heat.
• Wearproof steel Hardox 4000 - Creusabro 4000 - Manganese 12%.

Sowing Equipment
Fertilization Equipment
Equipment For The Wine Industry
Equipment For The Oil Industry
Agricultural Equipment (Combine Harvesters Or Corn Harvesters )
Drilling Equipment
Feed Transport Systems For Livestock Farms
Installations For The Transport Of Bulk Material In The Milling Industry
Biomass Or Biogas Energy Production Plants
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Storage And Handling Systems For Food Flours
Drying Plants
Agricultural And Industrial Mixing Plants
Silos Loading And Unloading Systems
Dispensers For Industrial Filters
Micro Dosers For Pharmaceutical Use
Biomass Or Pellet Boilers
Anchoring Photovoltaic Panels In Industrial Plants 
Anchor For Greenhouses
Chocolate Processing Machines
Machines For The Collection And Storage Of Hazelnuts
Snow Blower Turbines
Industrial Augers For Transport
Trailers For Harvest
Progressing Cavity Pumps For Sludge
Turbulators For Biomass Or Pellet Boilers

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